We believe that your training should make you feel better, not worse.


We are built and led by the coaching of Mike Hanley. 

We are the premier training facility located in Cape May County .

We are a team dedicated to changing the lives of everyone that walks through our doors.

Hanley Strength Systems has transformed the lives of hundres of men and women.

About HSS

Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Bodyweight Training, and High Intensity Cardio.

Our Team

Our coaches are passionate and knowledgable.  Led by Mike Hanley, our team will help you reach your goals and have a blast along the way.

Our Schedule

Up to 12 classes a day and all are open to new members!


If you’re looking for a new training sanctuary to call your second home – or you’re looking to find a fitness regimen that you actually enjoy doing every day – there is a place for you at Hanley Strength Systems. We are a gym that understands that you’re not only looking for a great place to workout. You’re looking for an awesome group of people to lift you up and push you forward. You’re looking to join a tribe of positive and inspirational people who are constantly working to be better than yesterday. That’s the beauty of group training and functional fitness. Something amazing happens when you get a group of people who have a collective goal to crush any challenge in their way. We’d love to show you what the Hanley Strength community is all about. Be sure to schedule a free one-on-one training session to experience it for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

Our Clients Love Us

“Mike Hanley is one of the more versatile coaches I’ve encountered in this industry. I’ve been impressed not only with his dedication as a competitive athlete, but also his passion for continuing education – from corrective exercise to high-level athletic performance. He’ll be doing great things in the fitness world for many years to come.”

Eric Cressey

Owner, Cressey Performance

Thought I knew it all until about 2 yrs ago when I started training with Mike. Have had more gains in 2 yrs than in my previous 20. I have strength in my legs and core I never thought possible. The training sessions are challenging but fun, as opposed to the monotony of traditional weight training.

Tony Troiano


This gym is different. I find myself going more and more each week, making friends and having a great time. Mike has truly listened to my goals and catered a plan just for me to help me reach them. I’ve been seeing amazing results and would recommend this gym to anyone looking for a home away from home. This place just feels right. Great environment. Great people.

Sharayah Hoffman


I have been training with Mike for over 2 years. He has helped me achieve goals I never dreamed possible. His knowledge of strength training, nutrition, and how the body works far exceed anyone else I have ever trained with in the past. I can finally say at age 41 that I am truly happy with my body and weight, and for that I am forever thankful!“

Kristin Schoffler


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