So I recently erased the goals board we had in the gym for the past 6 months and the wall is nice and clean. Now there are a few reasons I did this which I will get to in a minute. What I want to do first is stress how important it is for your success in anything to have goals. And when I say goals I don’t mean the generic ones like “I want to lose 20lbs”.  That is the lamest goal I have heard and believe me I have heard it month after month and year after year.  Goals must be specific and have somewhat of a timeline.  So a better example of that lame goal would be “I want to lose 20lbs of fat by memorial day weekend so I can fit a bathing suit that I absolutely love on me.” Now this puts some realness into the equation by attaching it to something as well as giving it a deadline.

So it’s the new year and everyone gets all fired up about new year resolutions and all that crap and I really am not a big fan of that whole thing.  I do think if we want to progress in life and in order to succeed we must go over and re-evaluate or goals each year and see how we did the previous year and what needs to be worked on in the upcoming year but as far as resolutions, their for the birds.

So some of you may be thinking about why in the world did I get rid of the goals board at the gym.  I am going to tell you why:

  1. It wasn’t too visible anymore.  We didn’t realize that at times people may sit in front of that dry erase wall and so some of the goals were wiped away by someones back sweat! So it became not too visible which leads me to the next reason.
  2. It looked like shit.
  3. The final reason was that a client begged me to take it down.  See she is a school teacher and just couldn’t stand the site of the sloppiness it had become so I promised her that I would take it down.  

So now what are we to do.  If we need to have goals but I erased the board than what are we to do.  Well I had one of my brilliant ideas:)  They certainly don’t come that often so when they do I jump on them.

What I thought we could do which I will do first in this post is post all of our goals in the comments on this blog post.  I think this will do two very awesome things for us.

One they will stay up all year on this page for us to look back on and check off as we attain them and two they will hold us all accountable to each other as a community. Sounds like a win win to me.

Sooooo than I thought!  How can I make this more fun.  And than it hit me.  I will bribe everyone! So if you comment below with your 2017 goals you name will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.  It will be a nice little gift package with some swag, some discounts and some extras.  The goals must be in by January 31st.  this gives everyone plenty of time to sit quietly and think about what they really want to accomplish this year.

So with all that being said I mentioned that I would post my goals for this year and get the party started so here goes:

  • I want to compete in the 85kg weight class in a weightlifting meet and will do this in a meet in the summer/fall
  • I want to snatch 100kg/220lbs by the end of the summer.  
  • I want to clean & jerk 125/130 by the end of the summer. 
  • I want to be photoshoot ready by the summer time so I can get some new photographs taken of me for my website and business.  

Ok now I may add more to this list as we go and as I think of new things I would like to accomplish.  I also may add some goals from other areas to this list as we go.  I think it is important to have goals in a few different areas of our lives.

I know that over the years it has been a really awesome experience sitting down in january and looking over the year priors goals and seeing how many of them I crushed and also how many i let slip by.  I know more times than now when I wrote out my goals and had some concrete visions for the year I was much more successful than other years. So let’s help each other out, hold each other accountable and make this year a year we all crush our goals and accomplish some shit we never though possible.  So scroll down and own your goals by writing them in the comments section below.