So, yesterday was my last day working and training out of Cape May Fitness Center and I felt the need to write some things down about my time spent there, as well as thank Mike & Destiny Wilson for the opportunity given to me 4 years ago.

I can remember it like it was yesterday, so many things about the time I have spent down here and working, training, basically living at and with everyone at CMFC.

I remember the phone call from Jimmy Walls telling me about Mike Wilson and how we should meet.  How he was a football guy and I would get along with him well.  He was right.  He was a football guy and I did get along with him well.  I remember meeting Mike and Fletch for the first time when the gym was still an empty cement space.  It was cold and dark inside the crossfit room with no life yet in it.  I remember Fletch and Mike telling me where everything was going and what the plans were.  Fletch was a kid back then, shaved head, 160 soaking wet lol. Thinking about it brings me great feelings, heart filled feelings.

I remember going over to train with them at the Breakwater Location and doing Fran for maybe the first time ever after some heavy deadlifts.  You know me I have to get my lifts in first:)

My favorite early CMFC memory was the night before opening day.  Mike was stressed as any owner trying to open would be and the truck full of equipment broke down somewhere in north jersey.  CMFC was to open at 7am Saturday and this was Friday afternoon.  Fortunately, I have a good friend of mine who owns a trucking company up in North Jersey so I gave him a call.  It was 15 minutes before they closed the warehouse and he yelled to his drivers, “Who wants to make trip down to Cape May tonight for some extra cash?” Luckily a driver agreed.  We had to give them the location of the broken truck filled with dumbbells and plates and give them the gym address.  We got the stuff at 1am.  So we had 6 hours to unpack and set up every set of dumbbells and every plate to open at 7am. We did it with a great crew fueled by dominos and peanut m&m’s. I remember having a great time laughing and working with Mike, Fletch, Dougie, Wilson, Myron, and whoever else was there that night.  What a great experience and memory that was, one that I will never forget.

I remember when Fletch and I use to do crossfit workouts religiously. LOL.We would do workouts from the Crossfit Weightlifting Website which was run by Mike Burgener of www.mikesgym.org.

Now can you see me and Fletch crossfitting?

I remember Maeve was just born and growing up would call me “hun”.  It was so funny how she even got that.

When Jay Blackley flew off the pull-up bar during the charity workout and gave Cape May County its first earthquake!

Just some really great memories.

I remember so many things about my time spent at CMFC that it will be etched in my brain forever and I will always be grateful for the time spent there.

I met Rain during this time and we now have a beautiful daughter who inspires me every single day.

To think about my life at the time of CMFC opening and my life now is an amazing feeling.  It’s filled with hard work, early mornings, great people, tough workouts, amazing life experiences and so much more.  I could not be more grateful for all the things that I have experienced during my 4 years at Cape May Fitness Center.

Because of that I want to personally thank Mike & Destiny Wilson and their entire family for such an awesome opportunity and an amazing 4 years of my life.  I appreciate everything you have done for me and allowed me to do during the time at your business and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have added more amazing people to my life and my world and I owe that to you and your facility.