So I was thinking yesterday as I was finishing up my training how good of a session it was and I’m glad I hired Olympic Weightlifting Coach/Lifter Travis Cooper.  The past few weeks working with him have been pretty refreshing and eye opening learning from him how to make my lifts better.  I started to think about my clients and how some would be totally fine performing the session along with me however there are many of my clients that have absolutely no business performing Olympic lifts. This had me thinking.  How can I adjust and tweak the session in order to make it doable for clients that are not capable of performing these complex lifts.

I knew the answer and knew EXACTLY how I could and would adjust the workout in order to allow my clients to perform such a great workout without having to use the barbell and some of the lifts that require mobility and flexibility in areas that many just do not possess.

So in this post I am going to show you my workout from yesterday.  Than I will show you how I manipulate it to serve the same purpose but with a twist of general fitness to make it not so specific to improving in the sport of weightlifting.  I will create a workout very similar that will serve the purpose of getting a client to move better, feel better, and perform better in anything they may do in their lives.  So here goes.

Below is my workout from Monday:


Now this workout is one of five workouts for the week so it is a power specific lower body emphasis session.  Aside from the hang snatch which will require some upper body pulling and catching, the rest of the lifts emphasize the lower body.

What I will do to make this a more efficient workout for an everyday client that is not performing barbell lifts like this and is in the gym 3x week instead of 5 looking to get fit, lose bodyfat and get leaner is add some body-weight exercises for the upper body as well as core and utilize probably one of the best tools in the gym to teach some of the full body lifts and explosiveness that they require.  This tool can be used in so many workouts and it can be used anywhere including outdoors.  Can you think of the tool I am thinking of using?

Okay well here goes………the kettlebell.  We are going to use the kettlebell to tweak most of this workout along with some bodyweight exercises.  So let the games begin……

  • Hang snatch will turn into a 1-arm kettlebell snatch and even if we need to regress this we can use a 1-arm swing instead.  This will stay by instead and not be paired with anything to keep the focus on form and stay fresh to stay explosive on the reps.
  • Clean Pulls will turn into a double kettlebell high pull or to regress it a kb deadlift high pull from the ground.  This will be paired with a push-up in between each set of high pulls.

Oh and don’t worry I will map this out in a nice workout chart for you with specific sets and reps to go with each lift.

  • The back squat will be a double kettlebell front squat or a goblet squat.  And it will be paired with a chin-up or TRX Suprension Trainer Row.  I love doing chins with sets of squats, I think chins can and should be done frequently too.
  • Next we have Romanian Deadlifts which I will switch over to a KB RDL or for the advanced client a 1-legged RDL and this can be done with one or two kettlebells.  This kind of thing is determined with the specific client in mind.  I will pair this move with a band pull-apart for the upper back which goes really well with the RDL since it involves your lats to hold the weight and posterior chain muscles to move the weight.  Adding the upper back muscles to this group gives it a nice power punch for the posture.
  • Lastly we have a Back Extension which we can keep the same if we have the equipment or we can go an entirely different direction with this.  We can keep it, change it but work the same muscles or change the entire thing to a finisher to blast your conditioning level through the rough.  Since most people really don’t need that many lower body moves in if they are coming only 3x week I am going to add the latter to this workout and put a finisher in that will tax the entire body.  We are going to finish with Turkish Get Up and we will do this for 5 minutes straight switching arms and see how many we can add up in that 5 minute time period.

So here is what it will look like:


So this workout is a great full body workout that can serve many clients and help them move, feel and perform better.  Feel free to post any question you may have about the lifts themselves in the comments below.

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