We wake up every Monday morning and we have two choices.  It’s the start of a new week and an opportunity.  We have an opportunity to do something different.  To change how we go about our day or we can do exactly the same as we have the past 52 Monday’s.  If you don’t like something about your life than Monday morning is an opportunity to change it! Start fresh, do something different and get moving in another direction so you don’t end up in the same place as you have.  So you don’t have the same feelings about not liking that area of your life.  Obviously we can make a change to our life at any moment, all we have to do is make that decision and follow action.  But Monday mornings are a time that we all think is a new week, a new start and it is an chance to start a brand new week different than we have or exactly the same.

I love Mondays mainly because Sunday is an off day with no training and so when Monday comes around I cannot wait to train again.  I also love it because it is the start of a new week and it gives me an opportunity to get better.  Not better than him or her but better than me last week.  Please don’t get this confused with the idea that I don’t think I am good enough.  I do think I am just fine the way I am.  But I have this drive inside me that has guided me to this position in life and that drive has always allowed me to see the opportunity to get better.  To push harder, reach further.  And so when Monday rolls around I feel excited to do just that!

Hope everyone has a great start today!

Happy Monday!