Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. The important thing you need to understand is how to discover and deal with your weaknesses when you find them.

So today is usually an off day but I did not train on Wednesday so I got it in today. One thing I do not stress over anymore is what day I get my workouts in on. Yeah sure it’s great to have a perfectly mapped out week where you have a day of recovery in between each workout however sometimes life gets in the way and it just doesn’t workout that way.

Today I am totally okay with this which is progress for me personally in itself. When I was younger I would get completely bent out of shape and let it effect my day if things did not work out the way I had planned them to. I would get so OCD if I did not get my workouts in on the exact day I was suppose to and if something came up that caused me to miss a scheduled workout forget it, stay clear of me because I was miserable and I would make your life miserable too. See these type of things I have noticed over the years hat I have made progress at are way more important than what day I get my workout in on. I would even get mad and bent out of shape if I was missing a workout because of something good.

Like say I had the opportunity to go to the giants game but we had to leave early and I couldn’t workout that afternoon because I had to do my homework before going to the game I would almost not want to go to the game because it was causing me to miss my workout yet the very next day was my scheduled off day and I could just do it then. As I look at this type of behavior now I would call that absolutely ridiculous and am nothing like that today which I am really proud of because that is progress and that is a better quality of life. There is no reason to be that strict and regimented with certain things. Other things that type of discipline would be great but in this case it has a negative impact on life because your body is not going to be effected by skipping a day and working out the next day instead.

Same thing goes for nutrition. I would get insane if I did not eat exactly within the 30 minute window after my workout and it would cause terrible tension and arguments between my and my girlfriend at the time. I thought I had to be so strict and timely with when my meals were in order to get the results I was looking for that I would get crazy if I was 2 minutes late for a meal. This is not healthy and you should not live like this regardless of what coach tells you that it is that important. It’s not! Better quality of life is way more important than how many hours between meals. As I look back on some of these things I laugh but I also have regrets because they have caused negative situations that could have been avoided.

What sucks is that there are areas in my life that I should be this regimented and strict yet I am not. One that is by far the most important and the one that I need to have this rigidity in is my finances and my budget and yet I fail at this miserably. I really must get better at and practice more at this area of my life than some of the ones that come naturally to me like getting my workouts in and eating properly throughout the day.

So the moral of the story here is everyone has stuff to work on right. We all have areas that we are good at and strong and we also have areas that we are not so good at and weak in. What we must learn to do is figure out the ones that come natural to us and that we do well in and put them on cruise control with an occasional check in to see if we are still on the right track. We also must figure out the ones that we are a mess with and completely unorganized in and put these up in the front as top priority on our action list. What we then must do with the ones we are weak at is find a coach that is good in that area to help teach us how to get better. Once we find a coach it’s smooth sailing if and only if we are willing to be open to suggestions and criticism. If we try to fix these areas on our own we will fail miserably and not get the results we are looking for and we can literally waste years of our lives pounding our heads against the wall wondering why it happened again. If we get a coach to teach us how to work on these areas of our life and we follow the blueprint they lay out for us than we will become living testimonials for the rest of the world who struggle with their “weakness”. We will become rays of hope for the ones who are just starting to realize that they have no idea how to handle that area of their life and that they need some guidance from others that know that area of life really well.

I am good at training and designing workouts programs that can get myself or others leaner, stronger, healthier and faster. I am also very good at designing nutrition plans that can help myself and others get leaner, pack on more muscle and become healthier. I am also good at organizing things and I would say that I can be very good at motivating others. These are just some of the areas of my life that I find are my strong areas. Some of my weaker ones are one that I have struggled with, gotten help with, gotten better at yet still struggle with from time to time because they require work and sometimes constant everyday work. I must learn to get better at finances and budgeting. I must learn to get better at staying clear of idle time. Idle time is the devils playground:) I must learn to get better at presentation of the knowledge that I do possess and learn how to teach it to others in ways that get through to more people. Sometimes I find that I come off too harsh or blunt and lack patience which does not allow the person to become open to learn from me. These are areas that I must work on more than my strengths. This is some of what is to become my new path which I titled my last blog post. You can check that out here: Autumn……..New Season, New Goals, New Path

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses you work on a daily basis? I would love to learn from you how you deal with your strengths and weaknesses in the comments below.

Anyway here is what my workout looked like for tonight:

Foam Rolling, Kneeling T/S Ext Rot, hip circle, inchworms, squat to overhead stand, leg cradles jumping jacks, reverse single leg rd.l’s, lateral hops, and whatever else I thought I needed to do to warm up……

1.Deadlift (based off of 450) – 135×5, 225×5, 315×3, 365×3, 405×3

2a. Front Squat – 135x8x4
2b. T-bar Rows Wide Grip – a bunch x 10 x 4

3a. GHR – BW x 10 x 4
3b. HLR – BW x 10 X4

4a. 45 Back Raise – BW x 50 reps took 3 sets 15,15,20
4b. Single Arm Farmers Walk – 65 x 2L ea x 2

Feel good training this week and just taking it day to day working on adjusting my life for the good of all mankind!