Hanley Strength Systems

Strong lives start with a strong body


At Hanley Strength Systems, we offer a variety of classes to fit your training needs. From beginners to professionals, our courses will provide the challenge and change you’re looking for. Whether you want to lose weight or increase strength, there’s an option available to you. Sign up now and start tackling your goals, head-on!

Free Trial Class

Not sure about Group Fitness? Try it before you make your decision. We know you will be hooked after one class.  We only ask that you sign up prior to attending so that we can accommodate you. Please arrive about 10 minutes before the class. All you need to bring is conventional gym attire (athletic shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt). We have plenty of water, but make sure you properly hydrate before coming to class.


Fundamentals is perfect for people who are new to group training or would like a refresher on the basics. The Private Fundamentals sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. One of our experienced coaches will train you through the foundational movements which we regularly program into our group classes. This 60-minute class will typically start with a briefing on what will be covered, a structured warm up, skill coaching on a particular movement or two, a heart pumping workout, then a cool down and brief lecture on a particular topic of the day. You will learn movement standards and safety, Nutrition 101, exercise lingo, and how to scale movements to your own fitness level. Foundations can be scheduled by calling, dropping in or simply filling out the GET STARTED form here. After you graduate from Fundamentals, we would like to offer you the rest of the month or 2 weeks (whichever is longer) to try our group classes free before deciding to become a member.


  • Fundamentals: $147

Group Training

Whether you are a recent graduate of  Fundamentals or an advanced athlete, this class is for you. We expertly program to build functional strength and conditioning through workouts of the day (WODs) which we scale to every fitness ability. Our programming offers a comprehensive environment for athletes of all levels to work on progressive skills, exercise knowledge, capacity in the movements, and strength appropriate to their current level. We believe in the methodology which focuses on preparing our members the best we can for any physical and mental challenge that life throws at them. Our 60-minute WOD classes will typically consist of a warm up, mobility session, strength and/skill work, a heart pumping metcon and finally a cool down. Come prepared to take on the unknown and unknowable because chances are you’ll be in for a few fun surprises that don’t follow that format.



  • Included in membership. See memberships below.

Olympic Lifting (Oly)

Our Olympic weightlifting classes aim to improve the classic Olympic lifts. Our programming follows set cycles ranging from the introductory level to more advanced cycles prepping you for WODs or competition. This course is taught by World Class Trainer, Mike Hanley, who’s an active member of the USAW. It’s a great training option whether you’re looking to improve your technique and strength or want to pursue Olympic weightlifting as a sport.



  • Included in membership. See memberships below.

Kids Fit Ages 6-12

Who says adults get to have all the fun? KidsFit teaches children the principles of mechanics, consistency, and intensity in working out. Establishing good movements and fitness through childhood and adolescence is our goal. KidsFit provides children with physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, and fewer sports injuries. Also, scientific research proves that exercise benefits cognitive function. So your little athlete will do better on the field and in the classroom.

Open Gym

Open gym is a fantastic resource and a chance to really hone your skills! Open gym enables athletes do their own thing as well as catch up on missed WODs. A certified L-1 coach is always on site during that time to ensure the safety of everyone in the gym.



  • Included in membership. See memberships below.