In this blog and video below I want to go over some really awesome ways to improve your grip strength which will lead to a healthier shoulder.

Because of our lifestyles of driving countless hours to work, sitting at a computer all day or the many other unhealthy positions we put our body in on a daily basis I thought this would be a good time to talk about our shoulder and how we can make it STRONG. The exercises shown below are not for the beginner or for the unhealthy shoulder. They are for someone who has aches and pains in a somewhat healthy shoulder who may want to improve his strength in a weathered shoulder.

There are two strength coaches out there that talk about something that is called irradiation or radiant tension. Pavel Tsatsouline has been talking about irradiation for many years and the boys from the Diesel Crew, Jedd and Smitty have been the leading authority on grip strength for years. I remember years ago first discovering them and watching their garage videos thinking these guys were nuts but they were on to something that is invaluable to anyone looking to get in great shape. Your grip strength is a extremely important component to a solid program. Jedd talks about radiant tension which in simple terms means utilizing your grip strength and musculature to create tension throughout your arm and into your shoulder making the entire area a stronger unit working as one. While you are sitting there reading this do me a favor and squeeze your fist as hard as you can for 30 seconds. When you do this you will feel your entire arm up into your shoulder get tense. This tension is what can save your shoulder.

Many times when performing exercises we think about specific muscles however we do not think about using them as one unit to create a stronger unit of muscles. When doing a military press we think of pressing with our shoulders and triceps yet we forget that we are or at least should be grounding our heels to the floor, contracting our glutes and core and flexing our lats to stabilize the weight at our start and finish position. We should be thinking of using the body together as a unit and allowing muscles to help each other in achieving the lift.

When we take about creating tension in our grip we are creating tension in our entire arm and shoulder which in turn enhances strength of the shoulder. Now we should always strive to have mobility in the shoulder joint however when performing exercises such as a overhead press or anything that has to do with the shoulder joint we must learn how to create tension and stabilize it to keep it safe and out of harms way. The bottoms up kettlebell exercises below will do just that.

Below you will find some really basic exercises that you can turn into some invaluable tools to increase your grip strength, shoulder strength along with the exercises working the heck out of your core and teaching you how to engage your lat muscles during a overhead press. This last one is really something that many don’t realize but is a tremendous tool to increase your overhead pressing strength. If you learn how to engage your lat to pull the weight down from overhead you will find your strength skyrocket. It is basically all about creating that tension throughout your body and learning how to make your muscles work like a unit of one.

Check out the video below and leave me a comment letting me know what you think……..if you have any questions pertaining to the exercises let me know.