Training with Injuries

If you have been training long enough you come to realize that injuries are just par for the course in the iron game. This does not warrant skipping workouts and it certainly isn’t a reason to sit on your ass waiting for an injury to heal. You have to be smart and...

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Pass the Butter, Please

There are some BIG differences between butter and margarine. Find out what they are and what you should be reaching for next time you're at the dinner table. This is very interesting . .. . Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys. When it killed the...

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Kettlebell & Bodyweight Crusher Workout

Here is a quick and effective workout that can performed in 30 minutes tops. All you need is a chin up bar and a couple of kettlebells. Perform a KB clean & press followed by a chin up and see how many sets you can get in 15 minutes. Rest for 3 minutes and then...

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High Intensity Kettlebell Workout

I have been throwing a bunch of kettlebell work back into the mix for both myself and our clients and have been really enjoying it. I have gone through so many years of various training tools that sometimes I put certain ones away as I am learning some new ones, and...

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Dealing with Strengths & Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. The important thing you need to understand is how to discover and deal with your weaknesses when you find them. So today is usually an off day but I did not train on Wednesday so I got it in today. One thing I do not...

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