Monday Morning – You Have 2 Choices

We wake up every Monday morning and we have two choices.  It's the start of a new week and an opportunity.  We have an opportunity to do something different.  To change how we go about our day or we can do exactly the same as we have the past 52 Monday's.  If you...

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A Special Thank You to Cape May Fitness

So, yesterday was my last day working and training out of Cape May Fitness Center and I felt the need to write some things down about my time spent there, as well as thank Mike & Destiny Wilson for the opportunity given to me 4 years ago. I can...

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I Took Down the Goals Board

So I recently erased the goals board we had in the gym for the past 6 months and the wall is nice and clean. Now there are a few reasons I did this which I will get to in a minute. What I want to do first is stress how important it is for your success in anything to...

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5 Ways to Challenge Your Training

By increasing the challenge of your exercises and workouts you will keep your body guessing and make sure your body continues to adapt by getting stronger. If you don’t continually increase the challenge, you can hit a plateau where your body will become used to your...

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