At Hanley Strength it is our mission to create an environment and culture in our gym that best promotes the success of each of our members.

Having both worked in traditional big box gyms, we became increasingly frustrated with the emphasis of flooding the gym with cheap memberships that rely on the member not showing up to make the business work.  So we set out to make a change.

Every member at Hanley Strength is a VIP. Whether you just take group classes, train privately 4 times per week with a coach, or are just dropping in for a workout with a friend, we guarantee that our coaches and staff are there to make sure you are getting closer to your goals.

All of our members receive some level of coaching on proper planning, mindset, as well as nutrition to ensure we are choosing the best strategy to help them reach their goals.

Additionally, anytime that you come in to Hanley Strength  you will have a coach available to assist you. Whether you are in a session, taking a class, or doing your program on your own there is always a coach available to help.

To ensure we are delivering the highest level of service possible we are continually improving upon our education. All Hanley Strength coaches attend 4 seminars each year. In addition to this, each year we close the gym for 2 days and pay for our team to go the Perform Better Training Summit in Providence Rhode Island.  If a better way to deliver client’s results is developed, you can be sure you that we will be studying it, mastering it, and implementing it for our members.

Finally, we believe fitness is for everyone and should better your life OUTSIDE of the gym.  Regardless of age or ability if you are committed to a better you and willing to make change, we are committed to providing you a challenging but fun and safe environment to do so.

What are your goals? Is it to lose body fat and look better naked?  Is it to become a better skier, and perform better at pickup basketball on Tuesday nights? Is it to compete in local competitions?

Each day at Hanley Strength Systems, we want to track towards your specific goals. We can do that by tailoring each workout into three categories, each with a unique purpose: Fitness, Performance, and Open.

These tracks are entirely designed with the goal of the athlete in mind and has absolutely no ties to individual ability level. Whether you are new to working out , or going on your 10th year of advanced training, it is your individual goals that determine your track and not your abilities.

These subtle, yet important changes to each workout allow us to create the ideal training day for you, while keeping together what we know and love, our exciting group classes. We actually were doing this before inside classes, and now it’s just a little more formal.

A Fitness Program Specific to Your Goals & Ability




To pull back the curtain a bit, here’s how we create our workouts.

We create the overarching “Workout of the Day”, using our unique programming template and formula. From there, we alter this workout just slightly for all three tracks, purely based on the goals of the athlete. This is not three separate programs – it’s simply three variations of the “Workout of the Day” with yourgoals in mind.