I’ve been coaching in the fitness industry since 2002. I’ve worked at traditional commercial gyms and I’ve also worked at boutique personal training studios.

What I’ve come to realize over the past 17 years is that, people don’t stop going to the gym because they’re lazy or unmotivated.

It happens because they feel like they don’t belong. People aren’t failing gyms; most gym environments are failing people!

That’s why I wanted to build a place that prioritized community and a sense of social support above all else. A culture of inclusivity and positivity with an environment that was welcoming and supportive. I knew that if these pillars were established, our members would have a much easier time with consistency and would reach and surpass the goals they originally set out to accomplish.

I created Hanley Strength knowing I wanted it to be more than just a “gym”. Having worked in traditional gyms in the past, I knew we needed to create a concept that would provide our members with the most effective tools for success. This meant we needed to offer individualized training programs so that our members knew exactly what to do as soon as they walked through the doors. This also meant we needed to provide an intensive learning environment led by intelligent and caring coaches. Most of all, we needed to foster a welcoming atmosphere and community that made everyone feel a sense of belonging.

With this mission, we have attracted a tribe of incredibly supportive and kind members. Our members are people who lift each other up, and empower one another to lift a little more or go a little faster. They have helped us flip the traditional gym culture on its head and have moved us forward on our continued quest to make fitness a more inclusive and positive place.

Every person who walks in our doors – regardless of their age, ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity – belongs here. YOU belong here.



We believe that your training should make you feel better, not worse.