Having ripped abs has been what thousands of people have been chasing in the gym for decades. From the days of seeing photos of Arnold and Rocky on the big screen take their shirts off to show of an incredible sight of shredded and insanely ripped abs. Learn 12 exercises that will help you get yours.

rockyOver the years I have heard countless amounts of potential clients share their fitness goals during an evaluation or initial fitness consultation and the number one goal of 99% of those people is to get ripped and have abs or to see their abs. Of course they selectively ignore the response when I tell them that the most important aspect of fitness that will need to focus on is nutrition. Despite the fact they start their quest to get ripped or lean or whatever other word you can think of when one speaks of seeing muscles instead of fat. Because isn’t that really all it is when we boil it down?

The less fat we have surrounding our muscle the more muscles we can visible see. And in order to do this one must be willing to trade the special K breakfast in for some eggs and berries. I can emphasize enough how much nutrition is of a priority to seeing the elusive 6-pack. So if seeing your abs is the goal, make sure your nutrition is on point first and foremost. Once that is taken care of the ab training in this video below will show you a tremendous amount of ways to strengthen and tighten your mid-section. The moves can be done with very little space needed and very little equipment required.

In this video I talk about a few variations of the basic plank exercise that brings ab training to a completely different level. Many times as I am training clients in the gym I see the basic plank being done so poorly that it barely does anything to strengthen your core. Most people coming in cannot simple flatten their back and perform planks with an arched back which become worse as the seconds add up. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to try and help someone correct this movement pattern in between clients to only see them go back to the wrong way of doing it only because they cannot hold it for as long as they can the original way. It is the “more is better” mentality. In this video I discuss how long one should be able to hold a plank for before advancing the exercise into another variation of the exercise.

Lastly one of the more important aspects of having a solid core and tight abs is protecting the lower back from injury. I cannot tell you how many people stop complaining of low back pain after we implement a healthy dose of core training. So if you back is a problem area or your one to mention every time you speak to someone about exercise that you have a “bad back” which to me translates to “I am out of shape and have a weak mid-section and tight hamstrings and hip flexors” unless of course you have had some diagnosed disc issues or surgery on your spine, try adding a few of these moves into your workout routine and let me know how it goes after a month or so.

If anyone has any questions on any of the moves please feel free to post your comments below and I will gladly answer them.

Equipment I use in video:

Valslide, Pink

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit